Zevo Traps™

No Chemical Sprays. It's Silent & Odorless.

Introducing Zevo™ Traps

Having Zevo catch bugs FOR you is way smarter than trying to do it yourself!

  • No more shooing, slapping, swatting or spraying chemical insecticides
  • Gets rid of a variety of flying insects – big and small
  • It works continuously, day and night

Zevo™ Traps Clean Bugs
From The Air ANYWHERE In Your Home!

How Zevo™ Flying Insect Traps Work

Watch how easy it is to use the Zevo™ Flying Insect Trap.
It takes four simple steps to start eliminating flying insects in your home.

1. Plug it in
2. Attract and trap for 45 days
3. Throw away dead insects
4. Replace the trap cartridge

Zevo Traps™ Customer Reviews

"This is great! I don't have to spend time chasing bugs. It's insane what it catches"
"It is completely effortless. I put a Zevo™ Trap in the garage, and that keeps bugs from getting in the house. I ended up catching flies and insects I didn't even know I had."
"All I had to do is plug it in. I put a Zevo™ trap in my kitchen, and now I don't see any flies on my food."
"I put the Zevo™ Trap by the front door, and it's just amazing just to see that it was working. It was catching mosquitos and no-see-ums."

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