Frequently Asked Questions

  • Zevo Flying Insect Trap consists of a durable plug-in device base (which uses two blue and two UV LED lights as an insect attractant), and a disposable refill cartridge that contains a strong adhesive pad that the insects get stuck on. This insecticide-free trap continuously lures and traps flying insects inside your home.

    DEVICE BASE: Zevo's U.S. device base is in compliance with applicable third party electrical safety standards. It is a durable, plug-in base that requires 120V/60Hz power and a standard North American plug type. Zevo's device base uses 0.3W of power, but cannot be activated (i.e. blue/UV lights won't turn on) until a cartridge is inserted on top of it and it's plugged-in.

    DISPOSABLE REFILL CARTRIDGE: Zevo's disposable refill cartridge is a plastic shell-shaped design with discreet openings. The cartridge encases a super-strong adhesive sticky-pad that traps and holds flying insects until they dry-up and die. The cartridge snaps onto the device base and, once it's plugged-in, the blue/UV lights from the device base shine up into the cartridge, creating a blue glow.

  • Zevo attracts flying insects using dual lights (blue and UV LED's) that work together to attract many different types of flying insects, such as house flies, fruit and drain flies, mosquitoes, midges, moths of all sizes, gnats, fleas, flying roaches, and many more! Those flying insects fly into the openings of the cartridge and get stuck on the powerful adhesive pad inside. Unable to pull themselves free, they dehydrate and die. The cartridges last around 45 days and can be replaced when full.

  • Zevo flying insect traps work best near where flying bugs hangout inside your house (not outside). Feel free to move the trap around to different outlets to find where it's most effective in your home. Zevo works especially well in kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, garages, bedrooms, enclosed patios, and near entryways or doors.

  • Try placing traps in outlets that are easily accessed by flying insects. If you can't see Zevo, insects can't see Zevo either. Avoid plugging Zevo in where furniture, curtains or corners may obstruct the insect from finding its way to the trap itself. Instead of plugging Zevo behind a door, we recommend plugging it in front of the door or on the wall opposite the door. For larger sized rooms, we suggest using 2 or more traps. If you've followed these tips and your trap is still not catching flying insects, reach out to our customer service team and we'll be happy to help.

  • Chameleons cannot have too much UV light. Our trap does contain UV light so we would suggest not placing trap near chameleon.

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